A pre-admission screening interview will be conducted over the phone. If deemed potentially appropriate for residential placement, a more comprehensive meeting will be scheduled so that a more detailed assessment can be completed to ensure that Penikese is the most appropriate setting. This meeting helps to make sure that the applicant’s treatment needs are best suited for Penikese and allows ample time for the family and applicant to learn more about the program.  This process involves meeting with the applicant and family, reviewing all current assessments, as well as talking with all members of the student’s home support team.  If possible, this assessment occurs at Penikese on-shore offices, located at 565 Woods Hole Road in Woods Hole, MA.  Assessments may also be conducted over the phone, or via Skype, if necessary due to an applicant’s distance from Woods Hole.

  • FEES – Penikese charges a daily fee for services. Opportunities for insurance reimbursement may be available depending on individual policies.

For information on Admissions, contact us by Email.