Welcome to the Penikese Island School!

Since 1973, Penikese has been helping young men at risk find a better way forward. Penikese combines a magnificent island location in Buzzards Bay with caring and visionary staff to provide residents a one-of-a-kind therapeutic community and a pioneering model for treatment, healing and wellness.

Penikese Today

Penikese Island School is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated staff and volunteers committed to addressing the opiate epidemic in our communities and helping those it impacts through the natural therapeutic environment that is Penikese Island and a top-quality recovery program.

During 2016, the island was home to a licensed long-term residential treatment and recovery program for young men with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.   Unfortunately, that program was forced to close in January 2017.

A new program is being planned.  As ever, the magic of Penikese Island in concert with talented staff can foster a nature-based therapeutic community that delivers a uniquely effective residential treatment program.   

Our Past

In its early years, Penikese worked with court-involved teenage boys as an alternative to more restrictive and punitive environments. The rustic surroundings, the necessity of hard work and a small, interdependent island “family” provided an effective alternative to traditional penitentiary models. As an accredited MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) special needs school, Penikese helped our young men make progress academically, vocationally and emotionally.

In later years, Penikese worked primarily with teenage boys referred by the Department of Children and Families. Again, the committed staff, family-like environment, and therapeutic community of the island were critical to the success of our graduates. 

Throughout its history, Penikese Island School has been dedicated to assuring access to our services regardless of residents’ financial status. We actively seek donations and grants to support our important work.