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Penikese Can Work with Your School 

Penikese Island School wants to make school trips easy, smooth and 100% enjoyable for every teacher and student, regardless of class size, age, focus or special needs.

PIS supports scheduling, organizing, and planning needs for student trips, including curriculum suggestions and delivery, and weather contingency plans. We arrange for school administrators, teachers and their funding agencies to visit the island ahead of student trips to help them develop an understanding of activity level design for their intended student audiences.

Most of the trips are from Woods Hole, taking approximately 55 minutes on our USCG certified vessel with a licensed captain. We can accommodate pick-up and return to other harbors around Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound.

PIS provides all trips with at least one “Island Steward” tour guide to introduce groups to the fascinating history and natural wonders of Penikese and assist with curriculum delivery. Island Stewards have expertise on the island and know its history and systems. They are versed in Penikese’s wildlife and the sanctuary’s regulations, and with safety and emergency protocols. All Island Stewards are CORI-cleared.


“I was sold from the moment I was told of Penikese's history as a

science laboratory, school for young men, and bird sanctuary. 

Penikese Island is a place of exceptional beauty, mystery, and peace.

Large enough to get lost on, but small enough to have a sense of the whole,

Penikese is a point of sacred geography. Taking a group of fifteen high school kids

to this island was one of the best and most impactful experiences I have had as an educator. It was great to see how the kids flourished in this unstructured environment away from technology and normal social roles. It also provided a truly unique opportunity

for me to connect with students and colleagues.”

–Middle School Teacher from Sturgis Charter School Teacher, Hyannis


2019 Visiting Schools / Programs

  • ​Adult Visual Arts (Cape & Greater Boston women’s group) 1 Day

  • Lawrence School (7th and 8th grade Art classes) 1 Day (2x)

  • Martha’s Vineyard HS (VINE Program, special needs high school students) 4 days, 2x

  • Duxbury Bay Maritime Science Camp (high school students studying ocean health) 1 Day

  • Dharma Voyage (Westport High School students/rowing and natural history) 3 days

  • Martha’s Vineyard Schools Girls Science Mini-Camp (middle schoolers) 4 days

  • Morse Pond School / pilot (5th and 6th graders, two trips in 2018 and 2019) 1 Day (2x)

  • Morse Pond School / FEF (6th graders, 7 trips fall 2019, 7 trips planned for Spring 2020) 1 Day (14x)

  • Mashpee Public Schools (full 4th Grade, Science & History) 1 Day (6x)

  • Marine Biological Laboratory graduate training program (adult science researchers) 1 Day

  • Sea Education Association High School Interns Program (based in Woods Hole) 1 Day