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COVID Policies and Protocols

Protocols have been established according to the most recent CDC Guidelines and Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MADPH) standards for recreational camps.


  • Campers must be vaccinated

    • We are following CDC recommendations and for universal vaccination

  • Campers will test themselves prior to arrival

    • Antigen "home" test, within 24hrs of arrival

  • Parents/guardians do not need to wear masks when dropping off campers and mingling in the parking lot, but if they come inside the 565 Penikese office building they should wear a mask



  • Staff will test before camp begins

    • Antigen "home" test, within 24hrs of arrival

  • If a staff member tests positive:

    • The staff member will be removed from Camp (the island), as soon as reasonably feasible

    • The staff member will quarantine for 7 days. If asymptomatic and testing negative, the staff member can return to work. 



  • We will test a camper or staff member if they are symptomatic (e.g., fever, sore throat, runny nose, headache) with an antigen "home" test

    • If they test negative:

      • Test again, 24hrs later and 48hrs later

      • A symptomatic but “negative” camper/staff should wear a mask while displaying symptoms.

    • If a camper tests positive:

      • The Island Steward (Amy Wilson) and the camper will call parents/guardians

      • The camper will be removed from Camp (the island), as soon as reasonably feasible

      • All other campers and staff (close contacts) will institute “universal precautions” and practice distancing, hand washing, masking while indoors, and avoiding close contacts with others.

      • If another camper or staff member is symptomatic, we will test them as well

      • An email will go out to parents and any Guest Instructors who were exposed​

We are closely following waste water trends, and may change our policies and procedures based on the most recent data.

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