Island Adventures Awaits

“Today, we unspoiled island...located where the waters of Buzzards Bay meet the Atlantic Ocean."

Thus begins the short Penikese Island introductory video, that students watch before their visit to Penikese Island.


Sampling of Penikese Programs

Each visit to Penikese Island immerses students in experiential, educational programs that foster an appreciation for the importance of nature through the lens of Penikese Island. 

Penikese Island Discovery curricula are customized according to each school’s requirements, with an emphasis on the fascinating history of Penikese Island and nature-based educational themes. 

Students benefit from educators linked to the renowned scientific institutions in Woods Hole and the unique living classroom created by the complex biology and geology of Penikese Island.


Program #1:  
Introduction to
Buzzards Bay

Why Buzzards Bay is special and how Penikese Island fits in, including exercises in compass directions, and reading a marine chart (map). 

MA Frameworks Areas: 

Earth Science & Systems; Ecosystems (Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics); Earth & Human Activity; Connections & Relationships in Systems; Graphical Displays (maps, charts, graphs, and data tables.)


Program #2:
Introduction to the
Intertidal Zone

Why the intertidal zone (the area between high and low tide) is an interesting and challenging habitat, the diverse organisms living there and how they survive in this mini-ecosystem. Includes discussion of the rack zone. 

MA Frameworks Areas: 

Earth Science & Systems, Ecosystems (Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics), Animal Structures & Processes; Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity; Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits.


Program #3:
Tern Nesting Colony
on Penikese Island

The history of terns being almost driven to extinction for their feathers, their natural history and VERY long migrations, where they nest, with a unique opportunity to go into the nesting area (normally off limits) and see nests with eggs and hatchlings. 

MA Frameworks Areas: 

Earth & Human Activity; Ecosystems (Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics); Animal Structures & Processes (behaviors); Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity; Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits.


Customized Curriculum 

Additional lesson modules (aligned with MA Frameworks) addressing social studies, history and literature are in development. 

Penikese is happy to collaborate with teachers and schools to deliver exactly the lessons you imagine!


You Can Also Bring Students
to the Science
- Virtually with Zoom

Virtual Discovery Days open with an online video, “Penikese Island: Adventure Awaits” to introduce Penikese Island, describe its location and highlight the boat trip to the island.  

Each live virtual field trip is a 20-30 minute Zoom-based classroom (or virtual from home) session with expert educators on the island teaching students about interesting aspects of the island's natural and cultural history.  We work with teachers to customize curriculum to meet their classes' individual needs and interests.

While we broadcast live from Penikese Island, a classroom teacher or school administrator back ashore hosts the Zoom sessions (with our technical assistance). We keep each session focused and condensed so as not to exceed students' online attention spans, and we aim for a small number of participants in each session (including teachers and parents) so that questions can freely be asked and each participant can be actively involved throughout the lesson.

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