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Penikese Science + Nature Camp

Summary:  Activity Ideas for Counselors + Core Theme Lessons

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TWO ESSENTIAL LESSONS for Monday afternoon & evening (these may extend through the week spontaneously):

●      History of Penikese (during island tour): Learn about the island and tell the stories as you visit locations

●      Birds of Penikese with a focus on endangered terns & MA Fish & Wildlife program on the island (some may also be incorporated into walking tour). Just a brief intro of birds on Monday, we will have a lesson with BiodiversityWorks each Tuesday and birding will be pretty constant/continuous all week;,so give them a decent foundation afrom the start!

Ideas for Journaling Prompts

●      Daily Prompt: Announced each morning at breakfast, to be accomplished at some point during the day, whenever each camper takes the time during a free moment.

●      Daily Reflection (Writing, sketching, either/both)

●      Data, Notes, Art for each Guest Lesson

●      Reflection following each Guest Lesson

●      Check out other journal ideas from titles listed on our Mindfulness sheet

Other Lesson Ideas for Wednesdays and after Guest Instructor Visits: 

→ This is just to throw out any and all possibilities for activities! There is material about much of this in your Lessons Folder and more background available here: Penikese Camp Activities Pinboard

→ Activities can be as short as 15min or as long as a few hours


●    Marine Debris / Ocean Plastics
●    Water Quality
●    Intertidal zone / Beach / Wrack Community
●    Climate Change
●    Geology
●    Weather/Wind/Clouds/Tides (Grace?)
●    Marine Mammals (Grace?)
●    Orienteering/Navigation/Using a Compass (Lavinia?)
●    Night Sky (constellations, celestial navigation, meteor showers) 
●    Team Nature Scavenger Hunt (Observation) 
●    Lichens Identifications Walk & Count 
●    What is Sand?
●    Interview an Organism
●    Choose, Observe & Record Changes in a Square Yard for 5 Days 
●    Flora Identification Walk & Count 
●    Insect Identification Walk & Count 
●    What’s Up in the Garden?


●      Biological Illustration
●      Landscape Painting
●      Sketching
●      Flower Pressing & Crafts
●      Fish Printing
●      Nature Looms
●      Foraged Art
●      Mosaics with Found Objects

Recreation/Physical Activity Focused:

●      Yoga / Stretching
●      Martial Arts
●      Horseshoes
●      Team Relay Races
●      Kick-the-Can
●      Capture the Flag
●      Ball Games
●      Circumnavigate the Island
●      Morning Aerobics / Calisthenics

●    Mindfulness Exercises: Listening, Breathing, Seeing (e.g., Annaka Harris)
●    Reading
●    Journaling, Writing, Composing Poems, Prose, etc. (see Mindfulness Idea Sheet)
●    Meditating
●    Perhaps have a “mindfulness minute” before dinner each night, or a gratitude moment?
●    Or everyone could share their “high” (and “low”?) of the day.

Discussion/Conversation Focused:

●      Women & Feminism (women in science, women in sports, women in history)
●      Women’s Bodies & Health
●      College, Gap Years & Other Options
●      Diversity
●      Population Growth & the Earth’s Carrying Capacity
●      Climate Change

Classic Camp Activities:

●      Singing (w/fun gestures)
●      Learning to Tie Knots
●      Secret Pals
●      Friendship Bracelets
●      Lanyards
●      Fancy Shoe Lacing
●      Cats Cradle
●      Make Up Penikese Lyrics to Familiar Songs
●      Skits

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