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Penikese Island School Board of Directors

“Through the generous support of donors like you, we are able to provide transformative educational experiences in nature for all. Thank you for inspiring and empowering environmental stewardship by supporting scholarships today!”

Our Supporters

A Special Thanks to the Penikese Community!

Penikese Island School's programs for school groups and other approved organizations are made possible through the cooperation and collective efforts of dedicated parents, teachers, school administrators and generous benefactors.

We gratefully acknowledge the support and contributions received from our many friends near and far, including those whose gifts have been made directly to our school groups for their trips to Penikese Island. 

Special thanks to the following for their services and/or donations:

  • Individuals Gifts from the Penikese Community 

  • Penikese Island School, Inc. Board of Directors

  • Falmouth Public Schools

  • Martha's Vineyard Public Schools

  • Mashpee Public Schools

  • The Sturgis School

  • Arcadia Charitable Trust

  • Island Foundation

  • Falmouth Educational Fund

  • Woods Hole Foundation

  • Linnea’s Science Scholarship

  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute 

  • Marine Biological Laboratory

  • The Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife

  • Generous gifts from multiple Anonymous Donors

Scholarship Funds

Frequently Asked Donor Questions

Can I support a program, or individual school directly rather than give to scholarships? Yes. You can contribute directly to any program or provide funds for an individual school to come and visit Penikese Island for a particular program. We gratefully accept cash, stock and in-kind gifts. If you would like to make a gift of stock or in-kind equipment, vehicle, etc., please contact us.

If I donate to a Named Annual Scholarship, how is my money spent? Every dollar you contribute to a Penikese Island School will directly support a school or student participating in the program. Penikese Island School has a strong base of earned income that covers operational expenses. This enables us to direct all of your contribution to where it’s needed most­ – directly to students and schools.

What is the timeline for scholarship awards? Schools are invited to apply for scholarship funds when they apply throughout the year. Donors are notified of scholarship awards after selections have been made.

Will I have the opportunity to meet the student or school who receives money from my scholarship? Yes. We make every effort to facilitate opportunities for interested donors to connect with the school, students or class they are supporting. We will also share any thank you notes received from the student or class benefiting from your support. 

Can I create a Named Annual Scholarship and remain anonymous? Yes, you are free to name a scholarship whatever you wish. It can be named for your business, a favorite place, or to honor or memorialize a loved one. The possibilities are endless.

Can I place any restrictions on my scholarship? Yes, you can restrict your scholarship to support either individual schools or programs if you choose. 

Do I have any say in who gets the scholarship? IRS regulations prevent donors from being directly involved in the selection of the student or school that receives their scholarship money. If you wish to support a particular student or school, we will help facilitate your gift; however, it may not qualify as a tax-deductible contribution.

Penikese Group Larson.jpg

"The students were totally engaged in their learning.  Two weeks after our trip to Penikese Island, they (the 6th Grade Students) are still talking about the experience." 

6th grade teacher, Falmouth Morse Pond School

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