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"Beyond the Bright Sea"

We highly recommend your camper read "Beyond the Bright Sea" by Lauren Wolk before coming to camp.

This wonderful historical fiction book takes place on the Elizabeth Islands and weaves in some of the history and lore of the former leper colony on Penikese Island.

"Beyond the Bright Sea" tells the story of Crow, a young girl who was abandoned and set adrift in a small boat when she was just hours old. Crow’s only companions are Osh, the man who rescued and raised her, and Miss Maggie, their fierce and affectionate neighbor across the sandbar. Crow has always been curious about the world around her and about her own family history.

This tensely-paced tale explores questions of identity, belonging, and the true meaning of family. It is a fast and compelling read for all ages. We hope you enjoy it!

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