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Camp Health Forms

Health Forms and exams are required for Penikese Science + Nature Camp participants.

Physical Health Exam Form
Download PDF • 1.23MB

1. ON-LINE MEDICAL FORM: Parents & staff members should please complete the detailed MEDICAL FORM within the CampBrain Portal. This does not require a doctor and serves as our primary searchable reference for health & medical information.

The on-line Medical Form is integrated to our CampBrain Portal and is HIPPA compliant. The form includes extensive data including camper medications & allergies, other health conditions consents/non-consents for specific over-the-counter medications, health insurance info in case of emergency and other general information.

2. PHYSICIAN’S PHYSICAL EXAM: Campers & Staff attending Science + Nature Summer Camps, must additionally submit a Physician’s Physical Health Exam Form. This Physical Exam is a Massachusetts state requirement and serves as a verifying supplement to the On-line Medical Form submitted by Parents and staff members.

You may download and use our Health & Immunization Certificate Form above, or if you wish, you may use a different form provided by your doctor.

Any Physician’s HeaIth form should include:

· Report of a Physical Exam by a licensed Health Care Provider that has been conducted within the last 18 months;

· A medical history, listing any allergies, required medications, and any health conditions or impairments which may affect the individual’s activities while attending camp;

· An immunization record.

When you have a completed, signed form, please upload it at our CampBrain Portal (instructions below)

3. VACCINATION CARD: If your child has been vaccinated (fully or partially) before camp,please upload a photo or scan of their vaccination card at at our CampBrain Portal (instructions below)

To ACCESS &/or UPLOAD forms in our CampBrain Portal:

Please login at

Scroll down to click the Summer Camp 2021 View Details button

Scroll down to view:

FORMS box (right-hand side) showing a list and the current status of all forms due before camp

UPLOADS box (left-hand side) showing where and what uploads to take care of before camp.

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