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Memo To: Our Camper Families Coming from Martha's Vineyard

RE: Vineyard Haven Ferry Chaperone to Camp


Penikese will be sending a staff member over to meet campers on Monday mornings at the Vineyard Haven Ferry Terminal. You may bring your camper and gear to the terminal WITH A TICKET, check in with the Penikese Staffer, and then leave. We will escort all campers to Woods Hole together each Monday.

Plan to be at the Vineyard Haven terminal no later than 7:45am. Our staff member will be taking the 7am ferry over from WH that morning and will arrive in VH at 7:45am to meet everyone. The camper/chaperone group will be taking 8:15 Ferry from VH to WH.

(Don’t worry about what arrival time you may have already signed-up for. That becomes irrelevant with this ferry plan. But please do sign up for your camper’s Monday picnic lunch menu if you have not yet done this!)

To sign-up for Chaperone service (no fee), your child must be vaccinated, and a photo of their completed card must be uploaded to the CampBrain Penikese Portal.

Sign-up for chaperone service here:

We will send acknowledgement once we verify your camper’s vaccination status.

Meeting location is the East end of the terminal build, shown in the sign-up page photos.

Our chaperone will be wearing a light blue Penikese T-shirt, carrying a white Penikese pennant.


• You must be on time, arriving at VH Terminal by 7:45am

• Your child must have a ticket in hand when they check-in with the Penikese Chaperone.

• We have a quick 30-minute turnaround, so please be prepared to drop your camper & gear efficiently.


You will need to come to Woods Hole Monday morning camp check-in with your child, AND with their negative PCR test results, and a new Binax COVID-19 test kit.

Your child will be tested at upon arrival at the Penikese Shore Office. If the test is positive, your child will not be permitted to attend camp, and you will return home or to a Health Care Provider.


ALL parents need to come over to WH to get their campers or make whatever arrangements are needed for kids to get where they need to go on Friday after camp. All campers return to Woods Hole from Penikese; we will not have a boat or chaperones going to Martha’s Vineyard.

We are planning for camper pick up in Woods Hole on Friday at 4:30pm, as weather permits.

If you are not picking up your camper personally, we need written notification from you identifying who is coming to pick-up your child. No child will leave camp with any person or family member other than a parent, without written authorization from the parent.

Let us know if we can answer any other camp arrival or departure questions!

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