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Penikese is a special place that our students have come to regard as "home," however brief their time there has been. There are lessons on that Island we didn't know we needed to teach, and many more we as teachers were happy to learn.  Away from their phones, from the world that constantly vies for their attention, our students find themselves there, and each other, in ways that being together in school simply never touches. On Penikese, we watch the same kids who are late for school each morning wake up before dawn to see the sunrise, and the ones who say they hate the outdoors stay out together under only the light of the stars. On the way there this year, when the Island came into sight, the ones who were returning came to get me: "You can see it now!" they told me, as happily as they had ever told me anything. Back home, one who didn't go with us said "No phones? No lights? Sounds terrible!" and the rest of them laughed. "You had to be there," one said, "you only get it if you're there." 

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