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Penikese Pre-Camp Checklist

The first session of camp is coming up fast! Here is a checklist of all the forms & info we need BEFORE your child’s camp sessions begins. There are a lot of pieces, due in part to general regulations, COVID, and because we have unusual operations running an island program. We are constantly working to streamline all these new systems. We appreciate your time and attention completing these important items:


Penikese CampBrain Portal:

Log in; scroll down to Summer Camp 2021 View Details button; scroll to see forms & uploads

FORMS to complete online:

1. Medical Form (detailed questionnaire for parents to complete in the FORMS section)

2. Penikese Spring Packet (3 pages for parents to complete in the FORMS section)

3. Camper mini-questions (for camper to complete in the FORMS section)

UPLOADS to complete in CampBrain:

1. Physicians Health Exam/Health & Immunization record (completed by your PCP; add to UPLOADS section)

2. Camper Vaccine card (a photo is fine, add to uploads section)

3. Camper photo (optional; add to uploads section)

Penikese Camp Arrival/Check-in webpage:

1. Sign up for an arrival time slot on the opening day of your session (due to COVID rules)

2. Please submit your camper’s Monday picnic lunch menu choice (can be completed after you sign up for an arrival time.)

Medications: Please see the Camper-Parent Guide for instructions about preparing any medications (including Over the Counter) that your child will be bringing to camp.

Let us know if you need any assistance-- we are here to help make it all happen!

Contact: // 833-548-7276

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