May 12, 2020


In recognition of the Covid-19 crisis and in accordance with the public health policies from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Penikese Island School’s normal 2020 summer programs and camps are cancelled.

When this crisis is over, Penikese Island School will be ready to serve students again. Thank you for your interest in Penikese Programs and we hope all of our students and their parents and teachers stay healthy and safe during this challenging time!


An Island Away 

Transformative Experiential Education Opportunities on Penikese Island


Our Unique Island Learning Experience

Penikese Island inspires a love and appreciation of learning through experiential, nature-based programs.

Penikese island is 75-acres of unspoiled, windswept beauty in the heart of Buzzard's Bay.  Each visit to Penikese Island immerses students in experiential educational programs that build self-confidence and foster an appreciation for the importance of nature through the lens of Penikese Island.  PIS curricula are customized according to each school’s requirements, with an emphasis on the fascinating history of Penikese Island and nature-based educational themes. Students benefit from the renowned scientific institutions in Woods Hole and the unique living classroom created by the complex biology and geology of Penikese Island.

Penikese Island is a wildlife sanctuary that belongs to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is managed by Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife.  


Environmental Studies

Penikese programs “bring students to the science” through experiential learning, where students directly interact with our Buzzard's Bay island environment. Penikese Island is a thriving sanctuary / laboratory, home to over 150 documented species, including protected raptors and water fowl.

Our Island Curriculum

The island's curriculum focuses on areas such as Seashore Exploration, Nature Photography, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Biological Illustration, Botany, and more.

Our Students

We offer courses to students from 4th grade through high school. Students come to Penikese Island because they want to experience nature first hand, and are provided with hands on science, art and history education that is customized for the unique nature of Penikese experiences.

Our Island Educators

Island Educators enjoy the opportunity to develop topics beyond the scope generally found in traditional classrooms, and can concentrate on showing students how to explore and appreciate the special Cape Cod, Buzzard's Bay and island environment.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


Experiential Learning About Science, Art, History and Cape Cod's Natural Environment

Programs on Penikese Island

Penikese Island School is focused on positively influencing the mindset of students while creating memories around shared, experiential learning that will last a lifetime.

The work we do at our Non-Profit Organization is aimed at delivering educational programing outside of the classroom in the areas of science, art and history with a focus on the natural environmental that makes these subjects interesting and meaningful for students that spend time with us on Penikese Island.

In addition, Penikese island School strives to work with schools and teachers to make these powerful learning trips manageable and affordable for different grades, curricula and availability.


Student Day Trips
on Penikese Island

Penikese Day Trips are more than just a “field trip.” Natural and historic wonders abound on Penikese Island, which is a peaceful, unspoiled setting, far removed from modern distractions, where learning and discovery can be nurtured. The curriculum for any Penikese trip is customizable for each school. We support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)-focused and nature-based educational themes in particular, but we have also hosted art classes and a series of trips featuring a literature and social studies curriculum based on the young adult novel, Beyond the Bright Sea (addressing the history of the leper colony on Penikese).

Upcoming Events
5-Day/4-Night Summer Science Programs
Mon, Jul 06
Penikese Island
Jul 06, 8:40 AM – Aug 28, 12:40 PM
Penikese Island, Penikese Island, Gosnold, MA 02713, USA
Penikese Island Summer Programs bring rising 7th, 8th & 9th grade students outside to learn about and explore science, history and art through the natural world represented by the island's 75-acre preserve. In 5-day/4-night sessions, our summer programs encourage the spirit of discovery!
Mashpee Public School 4th Graders
Wed, May 20
Penikese Island
May 20, 8:20 AM – Jun 26, 12:20 PM
Penikese Island, Penikese Island, Gosnold, MA 02713, USA
A Focus on Island Fun and Education
Falmouth Morse Pond 6th Graders
Tue, May 05
Penikese Island
May 05, 8:20 AM – Jun 26, 12:20 PM
Penikese Island, Penikese Island, Gosnold, MA 02713, USA
Beyond the Bright Sea

Recent Trips

4th Graders

VINE High School Program
Martha's Vineyard

Morse Pond 6th Graders



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