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Meet the Penikese Island Board

Matthew Sutherland

Board Chair

Woods Hole, MA

Specialty Area(s): Business, Finance

Jim Newman


Woods Hole, MA

Specialty Area(s): Ocean Engineering, Community Engagement, Marine Captain

Dorianne Mebane


West Falmouth, MA 

Specialty Area(s): Licensing, HR, Non-profit Administration

Ted Doyle

West Newton, MA

Specialty Area(s): Marketing, Outreach, Social Media

Alan Steinbach, PhD, M.D.

Woods Hole, MA 
Specialty Area(s): Health Sciences, Education

Tiffany Van Mooy

Falmouth, MA
Specialty Area(s):  Education, Art

Coco Wellington, LMHC

North Falmouth, MA
Specialty Area(s): Mental Health, Clinical Counseling, Wellness

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