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Ferry Chaperone to Camp on Monday

Meet at 7:45am

Vineyard Haven Terminal

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 9.31.21 PM.png

Please arrive no later than 7:45am. Campers will depart with the Penikese chaperone on the 8:15am boat to Woods Hole.


Meet the Penikese Chaperone at the end of the roofed colonnade area. (See photo for details.​)


  • Campers must purchase their own ferry ticket. Your child must have a ticket in hand when they check-in with our staffer.

  • There is no fee from Penikese for this chaperone service.

  • Please be prepared to drop your camper & gear efficiently. This includes medications, which should be handed off to the Penikese Chaperone in original bottles with original labeling.

  • The Penikese Chaperone will be wearing a Penikese T-shirt and carrying a small white Penikese flag!

* Parents/guardians will need to come to Woods Hole on Saturday to get their campers after camp. All campers return to Woods Hole from Penikese; we will not have a boat or ferry chaperones going to Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday.

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